Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Whats Different

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is eventually right here and we’ve attempted it safely out to present it a full overview. In any case, how may it stick out from a year lower back’s exceptional phone?

It has a huge display, a tremendous degree of energy and a elegant diagram notwithstanding different things, sufficient to first-rate the Samsung Galaxy S7. Regardless, is it definitely all that incredibly improved?

We’ve tended to that beneath, with an expansive once-over of the likenesses and differentiations between Samsung’s new pioneer and its antique one over all the key orders, from plan and display, to camera, manage, battery existence and this is simply the tip of the icy mass.


So examined on to check whether you need to place assets right into a shimmering new Galaxy S8 or would be in an ideal condition final with the greater low priced Galaxy S7.

The Design

The outline of the Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t relatively no longer the same as the Galaxy S7, with both phones brandishing a metal part and a glass lower back.

However, the S8 is longer than – however not exactly as extensive as – the Galaxy S7, with measurements of 148.Ninety x 68 x 8mm, to the Samsung Galaxy S7’s 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9mm.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 moreover seems very not pretty the same as the front, as distinct to the S7 it doesn’t have a domestic seize under the display, with the specific mark scanner as a substitute moved to the lower back, in which it sits close by the digital camera.


The S8 likewise has little bezels above and underneath the screen, for an all the more ‘all-display’ look than the S7.

One component that isn’t modified but is water and tidy resistance. Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7 are IP68 ensured, which means they may be submerged up to 1.Five meters profound for as much as 30 minutes.


General then, the Galaxy S8 has a noteworthy define, particularly whilst seen from the the front, however one that is unmistakably a development of the Samsung Galaxy S7.


It’s (nearly) all alternate right here, with the Galaxy S8 changing the S7’s 5.1-inch level display screen for a 5.Eight-inch bended one.


Yet, notwithstanding the screen being basically larger, the general impact of the S8 is simply somewhat more, as the precise mark scanner has been moved to the lower back and the bezels have been gotten smaller to almost non-presence.

That implies the S8 feels extra like a typical phone than a phablet regardless of the notable display.


The determination of the S8’s screen has been redesigned as properly, with a 1,440 x 2,960 QHD+ willpower installation of the Samsung Galaxy S7’s 1,440 x 2,560 QHD choice.

Given the extra width over its antecedent, the S8’s screen isn’t that extensively greater honed, yet it emerges in special guides, with a super-widescreen 18.5:9 perspective share like the LG G6.


It’s likewise emulating the Note 7’s instance in supporting HDR content material, which the Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t. The primary component that has remained the same is the innovation utilized, with both telephones having Super AMOLED shows, prepared for conveying punchy, clean hues.

OS and electricity

Both telephones run Android manifestly, and retaining in thoughts that the Galaxy S8 is propelling with Android Nougat, the Galaxy S7 can now be refreshed to that. All matters taken into consideration, there isn’t a enormous comparison at the OS front.


With recognize to energy, there’s a important remodel there, however close to the common yearly power supports you’d hope to get.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has 4GB of RAM and both an octa-middle Exynos 8890 chipset (in Europe) or a quad-middle Snapdragon 820 one (in the US), both of which were many of the most severe flexible chipsets in 2016.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 within the intervening time is staying with 4GB of RAM and has an octa-middle chipset timed at up to two.35GHz. Samsung hasn’t affirmed which chip it’s making use of, yet we’re watching for an Exynos 8895 chip in Europe, and a Snapdragon 835 one within the US, each of which is the up and coming technology of the chips the S7 utilized.

Given that the Galaxy S7 as of now offers flawlessly smart execution these probably won’t have a colossally observable effect, especially as they’ve a more display screen to drive, but we wouldn’t be astonished if application stack instances are marginally quicker, screen response time underneath the finger better and recreations look relatively higher – we’ll ensure to inform you in our full Galaxy S8 audit.


These chips are more energy effective as nicely, that can assist the battery final more.


The digital camera at the S8 is one of the littlest updates over the S7, because it has only a solitary focal point 12MP snapper – sincerely like the Samsung Galaxy S7.


Indeed, even the space hasn’t changed, coming in at f/1.7 yet again. The product (and for this reason the ability nature of pictures) are better this time around however, and as we’ve involvement in digicam assessments in our audit.

It has higher video OIS, brighter low-light pictures and crisper selfies than a year in the past’s overall satisfactory cellular cellphone. It’s a hop, but not a soar in fine.


The the front-confronting digicam has at any rate were given a more amount of a report on the S8, with a 8MP sensor installation of the Samsung Galaxy S7’s 5MP one.

This trade is welcome, as the Samsung Galaxy S7’s front-confronting camera is strong however unexceptional, however how a great deal effect the alternate in megapixels can have is additionally unverifiable for the existing.

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